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Content Creation Models

Once the strategy has been developed, the next step is to create content for the various online channels. This is not a one-off process if you understand content marketing as something holistic. Instead, content creation takes place in three constantly recurring steps: content is first created, then shared, and finally observed and analyzed. These findings are used to start the cycle again.

What kind of content should you create? There are many models for content creation. Two commonly used models are the stock-flow model and the push-pull model.

Stock-Flow Model

With the stock-flow principle, you create timeless content (stock) that can be shared again and again and used as an evergreen. This type of content requires more planning, time, and resources. However, the fact that the content is timeless creates a long-term content pool for the future. The flow side of this principle relates to current content, which is more short-lived but can be created more quickly and reacts to current situations. Flow content is more immediate and direct but limited in time. It can no longer be used in a month or a year. With the combination of stock and flow, you can create varied content that is aimed at speed and topicality as well as longevity and reusability.

Push-Pull Model

The push-pull model is another model that can be used to create content. It refers to thinking of content in a platform-orientated way rather than in temporal dimensions. On the one hand, you create content that attracts users to your own website or online shop via social media portals, for example (pull), but on the other hand you also create content on your own pages, which you then distribute to the outside world via social networks (push). This creates a cycle between the production of content and interaction with the user.

There are, of course, other models and, depending on the company, long-term goals or strategy, other methods are more suitable than others, or a combination of several approaches.

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