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8 recommendations for a successful website

If you decide working with us, then the designing and building part of your website will be our job, of course. Still, we think it might be useful to list some of our recommendations for a performant website. This allows you to make sure we are on the same page, even before meeting with us.

So what should you consider when thinking about overhauling your website?

  • Keep your website clean and simple: Nothing is more disturbing than having a confusing website – it will make users leave without reading all information. Design matters to keep people interested and your potential clients will enjoy spending time on your website and discovering your products and services if you have a nicely designed page.

  • Use a clear tagline in a prominent place. This allows you to answer the first question that users will ask when reaching your website : do those pages contain the answer to my questions and the solution to my problem ?

  • Add a call to action. Decide what your best sales conversion mechanism is and build from there. DO you want more phone calls? Then make it easy to find your number. Are you fed up with people asking you the same question over and over again, and do you want people to watch a video with the answer to it? Then put this video front and center! Want more email signups? Ensure your signup box has an easy to see call to action button that stands out.

  • Ensure your service or product pages are simple and easy to understand. If your business has a lot of services or products, then use categories and a clear menu.

  • Make your website perfectly responsive – and we really mean perfectly. Nowadays, most users use their smartphone to read your website. This means that all information needs to be visible and clearly structured on mobile. Having a performant mobile version for your website will also benefit SEO.

  • Don’t make your visitors have to think – your website should make it easy to find the information that people are looking for.

  • Make use of social proof: a powerful way to convince visitors to trust your business is to show them how other people just like them have acted. This provides them with guidance and context for how they should act as well.

  • Text is great, but a video is worth a million words. Having an interesting video on your website will help humanizing, building trust, convincing, and even creating authority for your business.

We hope that this list provided some help in visualizing what you are looking for on your new website. Feel free to give us a call whenever you are ready to translate those concepts into action. It will be a pleasure for us to drop by at your offices and discuss your ideas together.

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