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Reach more customers with digital marketing

The customer journey in 8 steps

We have noticed that our clients are often unaware of how long a quality digital marketing campaign can take. All too often, companies are tempted to launch isolated actions without any real global vision. And yet, a good marketing strategy is a long-term one, ideally with a well-defined customer journey. So here is the structure we use to transform a person who doesn’t know our business into a real fan of our services.


1. Awareness

This is the beginning of any marketing effort: before someone can buy from you, they have to be aware that you exist! Depending on your marketing budget, you can launch a TV ad campaign, distribute flyers, or simply expand your network of connections on social media. To have an interesting cost/benefit ratio, we recommend to regularly publish attractive organic content on your digital channels, and to combine these actions with some online advertising campaigns.

2. Engagement

If your content is really interesting for your target audience, then your customers and prospects will interact with your publications. These interactions can be measured, for example, in terms of the number of views of your blog post, the number of “likes” on your social media content, or the number of views of your videos. A persistently low engagement rate on all your posts will mean that you may need to change your strategy.

3. Subscription

A person who starts to know and trust your brand will eventually follow your business page on the different networks where you are present, or even subscribe to your newsletter. This mark of trust will allow you to engage in a long-term relationship with your prospect and to regularly present them with exciting and convincing content.

4. Conversion

This is the first step in the customer journey that will allow you to get a return on investment from your digital marketing campaign! The prospect converts into a customer by making a first purchase from you. Depending on your field of activity, this will often be a first order to test the product or service. This will not yet allow you to benefit from real profitability.

5. Excitement

It is now the job of your marketing and sales teams to ensure that this first purchase is a success! The customer should clearly feel the added value they are getting from the product or service. So make sure they know how to get the most out of their investment and that they enjoy their customer experience. The aim is to get the new consumer really hooked on your company, so that you can convert them into a loyal customer.

6. Loyalty

So far, your marketing efforts have been an investment. Now it’s time to generate turnover! The more repeat purchases your customer makes, the more profitable the relationship will be for your company. A successful strategy will allow you to sell them other services and products as well, and thus generate even more profitability. This is what is called “upselling” and “cross-selling”.

7. Recommendation

At this stage of the journey, the customer will be happy enough with your brand to recommend it to others when asked for their opinion on the subject. This could be called a “passive promoter”. A customer who reaches this stage will enable you to reach new buyers and accelerate your growth.

8. Promotion

This is the final stage of our customer journey! If your marketing strategy is well thought out, you will be able to convert advocates into true ambassadors of your brand. We all know them, the Apple and Tesla fans who don’t hesitate to talk about the wonderful products offered by these brands and try to convince you to buy them too.


Our agency’s goal is to help you define a winning marketing strategy that will help you lead your prospect through this 8 step customer journey.


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